Cathe Fans Part 5 —

Hello ladies. Today started with STS Disk 20/Legs and I followed it up with another oldie (seems to be my trend lately) – Cathe’s Max Intensity Cardio. It was a tough combination on the legs, but it felt great. It’s not that warm here, but the humidity came so I got soaked all the way. I love that feeling! :tongue:

Erika, I’m glad you like Push/Pull. It’s not a workout I do often because I don’t know how effective it is for me. But it’s great for a 40 minute full body workout, that’s for sure. I love the way the exercises are grouped in that workout, no doubt. As for the evacuation last Tuesday, for the area that was set on fire, they announced the evacuation around 4:20 p.m. I know because I watched the news briefing where they announced it, and I also knew that those neighborhoods that were evacuated were right next to us. I could tell the fire was growing fast at the time, but they went on TV and told people they had hours to evacuate and to do it in an orderly manner. But anyone with any sense could see that there were no hours. A journalist lives in that area who was filming the evacuation, and within 30 minutes after the order he fled the area because the fire was approaching. I know I saw the fire in the hills above that neighborhood at 5:00 PM, when I started to panic. From the time we got the order to evacuate (5:30 p.m.), to the time I arrived in Denver (8:45 p.m.), the neighborhood was flooded. All I keep thinking about is those people on TV saying to ‘keep calm’ and yet how fast it went. I’m glad the people didn’t listen to them and ran because if they had, we’d probably have more dead than us. But I’m not surprised that people couldn’t take much with them, and that makes me very sad.

My husband had a chance to meet with the incident commander yesterday and he talked about what happened on Tuesday. He said they had three lines of defense set up and the fire swept through those three lines in a matter of minutes. In other words, what happened probably could not have been foreseen or prevented. I know there are all kinds of doubts right now, but when the winds turned toward the city and turned into hurricane force winds (caused by the Denver thunderstorm), there was little anyone could do. It’s tragic, no doubt. But blaming those who stopped the fire from going further and those who saved what they could (81% of the houses in the area where saved, some with decks burned and such) won’t change the fact that it was quite simply, an act of God.

At the moment, a lot of funds are being formed, but I know that I am waiting for the dust to settle a little so that it is clear what and who needs it. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you so much for thinking about our community here. :flowerforyou: As I watched smoke engulf the city on my way out of town last Tuesday, I felt extremely sad for this wonderful place in which I live. It still breaks my heart to see the destruction. Well, thank you. I’ll keep you posted.

Laurie, no doubt you are concerned about your DD. But I love the idea that I can buy new dishes as a result! I was a little older than her when I had my first apartment and felt fully capable of taking care of myself. Of course, I look back on it now and think ‘How did I survive?’ :laugh: But I did! I’m sure your daughter will be fine. As for Asylum, it’s nowhere near P90X when it comes to pull-ups so don’t be afraid of that! I’m not sure anything comes close to P90X in that category! Enjoy your free time.

Tami, great job on the training. That’s funny about that young man who used to beat your husband at golf. I bet that would be fun to see! Enjoy the long weekend!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!


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