Building muscle with static movements, how diet affects injuries, the negative effects of yoga AND MORE

MAPS Quah!

In this episode of Quah, sponsored by MAPS Fitness Products (, Sal, Adam and Justin answer Pump Head’s questions about static movements and their effectiveness for building muscle, the impact of yoga on weight training and recovery, if it is good to occasionally increase your body fat percentage if it is usually low, and if a poor diet can lead to increased injuries.

  • Politics and Drama M.Sc. 2018 Olympics (5:32)
  • The current era of bodybuilding, the importance of genetics and natural training versus steroids. (12:50)
  • Pros/Cons of building a social media presence around getting people’s attention. (21:00)
  • Being a student of the game, the benefits and effectiveness of training are natural. (24:40)
  • What was the formula behind Sal’s third stint in his All-Day Exercise Experiment? (26:25)
  • Classic Mind Pump tease, which is the oldest look of the bunch? (31:30)
  • PROFESSIONAL TIPS from the Mind Pump team on training while on vacation. (32:45)
  • Baking Sal’s “Daisy Duke” shorts. (36:35)
  • The culture and food that goes with it. (38:30)
  • Tired of spending your entire paycheck at the grocery store? The benefits of buying organic, non-GMO products at an affordable price from Thrive Market. (43:02)
  • The science behind CBD’s effect on anxiety. (45:00)
  • #Quah question #1 – Are static movements effective for building muscle as well? (48:55)
  • #Quah question #2 – Can yoga have a negative effect on my weight training and recovery? (1:00:16)
  • #Quah question #3 – Is it good to increase your body fat percentage occasionally if it is usually low? (1:08:13)
  • #Quah Question #4 – Do you think poor nutrition can lead to increased injuries? (1:15:21)

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